Private Branding

What We Offer

What Does It Involves?

Private branding is a powerful tool since all of the information on the product refers back to you. We can print your brand and information on practically any filter we make. To obtain that filter from another source, your customer would have to take it to an industrial supply shop and then work out the dimensions, flow rates, micron rating, and so on. Why would they go to that bother since your phone number and the part number you want to re-order are already on the filter? The only thing we need from you is a list of the filter part numbers (and their brands), and we’ll take care of the rest. The services we provide are as followings:
Printing on Filter

Printing on Filter

We will print Your Company Name and logo, Your telephone number and additionally site, Your part number or whatever else you demand (a few limitations might apply) on filter we manufacture.
Custom Packaging